Yes this is possible!  As from this week for those who read the emails from the club will have seen a Badminton style ladder of Match Racing has been set up.  This has been organised by Gary.  The idea has come from the Virtual Racing that has been taking place over the last few months.  All the results from that have been posted on the Results page of the website.

To get an idea of what is going on.  Each sailor will race one other sailor for 10 mins and will be based on skill and handicap.  (Meeting one other person from another household at a time).  All handicaps etc are on the documents attached.  If you need futher assistance please contact one of the committee and we will pass onto Gary.


The initial leagues are as:- 

Group A     Group B     Group C     Group D    
Ian Stone Leo Wilkinson   Stuart Mcadam Rob Blois   James Gladwyn Tom Knight   Sasha Dave Hirst  
Gary Bullock Jon Hirsch   Adam Meekings John Woffinden   Brian Jones Mike Hamilton   Ben Osbourne Joe Tubb  
Group E     Group F     Group G     Group H    
Sam Walton Martin Hayward   Simon Hall Gavin Pidduk   Charles Gilham Paul Fletcher   Sarah Mayhew Emily Lewin  
Dave Killey Andrew Brown   Julie Maidment Johnny Redfurn   John Sweeney Jose Carero   Jenni Craig John Derek