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Topper for sail! I mean for sale...
Topper for sail! I mean for sale...
( / Boats and Bits For Sale)
Flippers and drysuit
Flippers and drysuit
( / Other Stuff)

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For Sale and Wanted Adverts

Free advertising to sell or place wanted adverts for boats and sailing related items.

MSC members may also place adverts for other non sailing related items that may be of interest to other members.

To place an advert follow these instruction:
1) Click on the "New Ad" link below
2) Select a category (For Sale, Wanted or Other Stuff)
3) Enter your username details (or create a new username and password, if you dont have one)
4) Complete your adverts
5) Remember your username and password as it will allow you to update your advert if needed
6) Once your adverts has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the webmaster and published (unless you are trying to sell exotic pharmaceutical products or similar!).

To change your advert:
1) Login by clicking on "My Profile" below and enter your login details.
2) Click on "My Ads", when you are logged in you will see an "Update" link next to each advert. Click on this to update your ad.
3) If you have any problems drop an email to webmaster[at]maidenheadsc.org.uk for assitance.

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