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Due the Latest COVID-19 lockdown  the club is closed, until futher notice.  The SC & GPC will monitor the situation and we will reopen as soon as we can



We are now asking members to Login to sign on for racing. The entry time commences 36hrs prior to the event.



We believe we are operating under  COVID -19 compliance as issued by HMG, RYA and BCU

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Our organized Paddlesports program starts in March

 Within the subgroups of paddle sports, there are so many different types of boats/boards. Our club is slowly building its fleet so that you can experience the many kinds of paddle sports. Hopefully, you will fall in love with one of them or simply add it to your enjoyable sporting outdoor experiences. There is a board for all ages and agility, and our lake is the perfect place to begin your paddle sports adventure and build your paddling skills and fitness. As your paddling skills develop and confidence grows, you will be able to explore the vast number of rivers and canals in the British Isles and beyond!

 Our club works with very experienced coaches who will help you learning and enjoying paddleports with fun activities and a variety of sessions

 Take a paddle and come along! With activities every day of the weekend for all skill levels and all ages welcome.










Who can come?

 Club members, guests and prospective members can join

 Paddle boarding and kayaking are fun and easy activities . Bringing together those SUP enthusiastic, paddle amateurs and first timers.  Everyone is welcome and no experience is required. Adults and children can join, although small children would need to share a board with an adult.

 All children (<16 years) have be to accompanied by their parent on club site at all times.    



Can I bring my own Paddleboard or Kayak, or are they available at the club?

The club has 4 paddle boards that will be available for members in organised events. The rental is only £5 per hour. They will be inflated and ready to use, stored in one of the containers. Availability will be based on a first come, first served basis.

The club has also available for rental 3 single kayaks, 2 double kayaks and a Canadian canoe

Everyone is welcome to bring their own paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, etc. Everything with a paddle can join our Group.



Can I practice paddle boarding or kayaking outside the organised activities times?

Paddle boarders and kayakers are also welcome to use the lake any other day of the week when using their own equipment, except during organised racing events.  From November 1st to May1st all water activities must have at least two adults on the water for safety reasons.

Club paddleboards can be used only during organised activities or if previously booked at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What equipment is required apart from the board and the kayak?

 Please remember to bring appropriate water sport clothing (bearing in mind in the summer the effect of the sun is very much stronger on water), plus change of clothing and towel. Buoyancy aids are recommended, and club’s buoyancy aids will be available during organised activities as usual.   The water can be cold between November and May and we recommend people wear wetsuits during this period.


Do I need any insurance for my paddle board or kayak?

 Yes.   Club rules state that any vessel on the water must carry a minimum of 3rd party insurance in excess of £3m Liability.


 Is there any paddle board storage on site or parking available?

 If you want to store your paddle board or canoe on site, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The paddleboards can be stored as inflated, but space is limited.


How do I connect with other paddle boarders and kayakers to arrange meet ups or get the latest information?

WhatsApp group has been created among members for the paddleboard and kayak activities, please feel free to join if you want to connect with other paddle pals within the club. If you want to join, please ask for the invite to Paddleboard and Kayak Representative.  Communications will also be send to all members on email and updated in the website and Facebook.

We appreciate all feedback, comments and ideas on the above. We are very enthusiastic on expanding these alternative water activities to make sure everyone can enjoy the lake on his/her own style.

For any questions, ideas or additional information, please feel free to contact us on the following email - Paddle Board and Kayak Social Group on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Please put in subject line Paddle board / Kayak








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